Tuesday, May 21, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

So all this while these groups have been assuming that they were influential and powerful and who can sway the sentiments of the voters, especially the Chinese ones who they liked to claim to represent.

Of course, they have lofty names, which are all-inclusive which looked as though they were legitimate entities established with the strong support of their community who they claim to back them no matter what their leaders say or do, and who also claim to be doing good to them.

But alas on 5 May, 2013, such assumptions crumbled to pieces with the faces of their leaders defaced.

So what Barisan Nasional and the Melayu can now do it to completely ignore them and plan for a Better and Newer Malaysia without them.

The title of this essay could also be, ‘The Taming of the Shrewd – and the buck stops here!’

Something magical happened in Malaysia and to the Melayu and Bumiputera on 5 May, 2013.

It was not the finger of all Malaysian voters which had been discolored that general elections day, but the faces of those in Dong Zong and the Chinese NGOs and other pressure groups, which have been defaced with their true colors revealed.

No wonder those in Dong Zong are silent. They have not said a word on the results of the last general elections. Are they happy with them or are they reeling when they realized how ineffective they were?

What other tricks will they spring in the near future to show that they are still relevant to the country and society and especially in their desire to push for their agenda?

Worse, 5 May, 2013 will be the day, when they finally realize that their true and real influence to change the thinking of the Melayu and Bumiputera leaders in the country and the type and amount of pressure they had tried to exert in the past which were given some credence, can be said to be totally useless.

The Melayu and Bumiputera can now look elsewhere away from them and now start to looking within themselves, to pave the way for the creation and development of a New and Better Malaysia.

Why must the needs and requirements and interests of the majority take second place before the interests of the minority in Malaysia?

The British colonists had long served them and helped them to prosper, by conveniently neglecting the well-being of the Melayu and Bumiputera, yet, they did not complaint.

Not is the time for Melayu and Bumiputera affirmative action be exhibited in dramatic ways.

It is only when the Melayu and Bumiputera of the country are looked well, then the minority group will know where their place is rightly in the full and wider concept of the Federation of Malaysia that leaves their emotive reactions and other personal emotional attachments to themselves to bear alone.

The Melayu and other Bumiputera of the land do not have anything to do with their secret fantasies. 

Nevertheless, due credits are still due to Dong Zong and Suaram and also the other Chinese-dominated NGOs and other pressure groups for causing the Chinese voters to swing to the Left causing the results that they had not envisaged to happen, but it did happen in the form of the formation and creation of the Najib Cabinet II which he announced gladly on 15 May, ten days after the Thirteenth General Elections of Pilihanraya Umun ke-13 (PRU-13).

The Chinese especially did not expect a swing to cause them to topple to the side. The Melayu and Bumiputera too did not expect the same swing to help swing them back to the forefront in the government and the whole country.

This must really be the MALAYSIAN SPRING that those in Pakatan were talking about, although the Spring that they had wanted to see happen, did not happen. It can only happen if there are arrests of those dissidents who are out to create mischief.

And where are those people in Dong Zong? Why are they not coming out to explain what had happened on 5 May, 2013? And especially what they had done to cause the results to be as they are now.

Maybe they still needed a bit more time to digress what happened on the night of 5 May, to see what they might have done to cause them to happen the way they did.

It was pathetic how the people at Dong Zong thought they could be the real king-makers and pressure group to get the government and the Melayu to fall at their feet, and meet with their every demand.

The last general elections however, prove that they are a toothless tiger.

The support they said they were giving to Barisan Nasional proved to be a useless effort, as the Chinese voters did not care for their sentiments and still voted against Barisan and gave their full support to the opposition, DAP, PAS and PKR.

So it is now safe for the government to ignore them, especially the threats of not supporting the government, as their influence amongst the Chinese community especially is not as what they thought or could claim to be.

Even ACCIM could not be trusted to ensure that the Chinese support the government. This was exposed when they openly and publicly supported the government in the last elections, which also did not result in the government getting the votes from the Chinese.

So Dong Zong and ACCIM can now look at themselves in the mirror and ask if they are still influential amongst the Chinese who they claim to represent.

Or are they just nothing. They thought they were able to put pressure on the government, when they started to issue a lot of press statements and comments on the state of the vernacular Mandarin education in the country and demanded meetings with the prime minister who also condeigned to attend their Chinese new year open house, and who would later invite the leaders of the opposition to the same function at if they were saying that they are on the side of those who favor them more than the other.

That was then. Now the situation in the country Post-PRU-13 is totally different from it.

5 May, 2013, will become a day, which Dong Zong, the Chinese NGOs and other pressure groups will not forget all their lives; it is the start of the New Malaysian Spring, one which sees how many such groups began to feel uneasy with themselves, even though they may not necessarily feel guilty for having tried to do what they had set to do all these years, only to discover that the government really did not need to bother dealing with any of them now that their true selves have been so exposed.   

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