Tuesday, March 19, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Prem Rawat does not know it. It is his native India that needs him more than the rest of the world. If he cannot turn India to become the most peaceful country in the world, then he should not think he can do it to the other countries in the world.

I do not want to mince my word or be insincere when I say Prem Rawat is annoying and irritating, the more he exerts to say the same things again and again. He says, ‘Peace is the absence of war!’ I find this statement to be ludicrous. Nothing can be inaccurate than this.

My personal advice to Prem Rawat is for him not to think too highly of himself and the words that he can spout out from his mouth. I find his speeches to be utterly boring. I have not heard anyone who can be as boring as Prem Rawat.

He prefers to travel the whole world to promote peace, yet, he would not mind leaving his native India to experience confusion and in a state of economic backwardness. What are Prem Rawat’s priorities? Shouldn’t he first serve Mother India?

There is something wrong with his voice which sounds strange and odd for me to listen to. He does not have an American or British accent, no doubt, but his own peculiar one.  

He appears in a promotion clip pleading to whoever that cares to listen to him by admitting that his preaching does not involve any religious considerations; for his only aim is to promote world peace.

And he says it so casually like what he says does not mean anything other than for him to spout words. His face and forbearance do not show he is suffering from seeing how the world is not in peace, and that is why he wants the rest of the world not to suffer as he does.

Well, George Bush and George W Bush too said pretty much the same things that they aimed to promote world peace, and they meant it, by bombing Arab and Muslim countries to show their true dedication to their cause.

The United Nations (UN) too was established to promote world peace.

But like the Bushes, the UN, too, had failed miserably to achieve what they had set out to do. They and the UN have left the world in pieces.

Yet, Prem Rawat thinks he can achieve wonders, by using mere repetitive words – which unfortunately are the same words that he repeats again and again and yet again, by beating around the bush.

He uses simple English and highly simplified logic and some common sense to get by before a non-critical crowd who looks confused. They look like groups of professionals who are also educated, but who still needs to be pacified with soothing words to get by their daily tribulations. 

Does Prem think his soothing and repetitive and simple words can affect change in the world, that those repetitive words are more effective than the words found in all the sacred texts and other Holy Books that he goes far ahead of all the world’s major religions and other beliefs?

He does not want to admit it but he seems to be trying to show to everybody that he is a prophet. More than that he seems to also think that he can do what the Popes in the Vatican could not do, to promote peace in the world.

Even the Roman Catholic Popes and other Christian pastors have failed to promote peace amongst the believers of these faiths.

In fact, even the Muslim ulama have all failed to do that amongst the fellow Muslims in the Arab and Muslim World.

Prem Rawat thinks he can do a better job of promoting world peace than these folks have been trying to do.

In fact, he also seems to think that he can do a much better job of promoting world peace, that the UN cannot do, since its inception long ago, which has seen how the world has been inflamed by wars and political and military disputes causing many countries to be destroyed; and they are Arab and Muslim ones.

And he has been traveling all over the world to do that, not because he likes to travel, as he continues to say, but because he feels that he is being heart by many.

Yet, despite having been all over the world the last forty years to promote world peace, and to tell his listeners that they can achieve peace within each of them, yet, the world is not any better today than it was forty years ago.

That was in 1973 when he started on his trek to promote world peace. It was few years after the October War or Yom Kippur War in the Middle East.

And the world became worse since then.

In fact, the world is worse off today than it was forty years ago when Prem Rawat started to go all over the world to preach peace.

The question is: Where on earth did he preach peace? And who are the people who he had spoken about peace?

It is quite obvious that he has been speaking at the wrong places and to the wrong crowds, people who have no real authority on their own societies and countries, but only on their own selves.

They are the ones who may have experienced personal peace, but they are not influential enough to promote peace in their own societies.

Maybe he is also not fully aware of his real target audience; and they are not the ordinary folks who do not seem to have anything better to do other than to listen to him say things which are quite obvious, which reflect badly on the listeners for not having the common sense to even know all of what Prem could say, and again and again.

How did the audiences feel enamored with what he is saying the last forty years, and what else can he say today that he had not say in the last forty years?

Maybe he has not said that much, so no wonder the world today is worse off than it was forty years ago.

The truth is that Prem Rawat is not talking to the right people and in the right countries.

He should make an attempt to talk peace to the Zionist elders and their supporters, and in the Zionist state of Israel and also their lackeys, the American politicians, militarists and think tankers and other pro-Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC, who all have not care too much for world peace.

In fact, if we were to look at it, the world turned upside down when the Zionist state of Israel was created with the full support of America and the United Nations.

The impact of such a creation of a state sitting in the Middle East, cannot be described. It has also caused Africa to be stuck in the wilderness and in the Dark Ages, with the Arab World and Muslim World in flames.

Therefore, it is Prem Rawat’s grave mistake that he has not dabbled in religion as well as politics, since the world problems which has destroyed world peace can be said to be the result of political and military intervention.

So how can Prem Rawat preach world peace if he does not talk about politics and religion?

The religion he relies on is definitely the religion he was born into, which is Hinduism, for which he has been accorded the honorific title of Maharaji.

He did not say he had studied the Holy Koran and the other religious books to gain extra knowledge and wisdom to come up with the exhortations that he spout to his audiences all over the world.

The only difference between Prem Rawat and the other mystics is that he does not walk about wearing saffron or yellow robes, and pretending to be serving the world, when in truth he may be serving himself alone and no others.

He prefers to wear suits and speaks in English in an accent which is so peculiar that with his strange voice, I find to be irritating as well as annoying.

His facial gestures, especially when he freezes all the muscles on his face and blares a fixed smile makes him look like a clown, especially with almost no eyebrows on his forehead. He does not know that.

And all of his listeners have been swayed into thinking that just because they are able to sit through his lectures, that they can attain personal peace.

But alas, they are being had. They may be in tune with the world, but it is a world that is destroyed by the Zionists and nuclear threat coming from America, that they all do not seem to know of or care about. All that they care is to attain the peace that can be got from within themselves, as what Prem Rawat likes to repeat again and again to his audiences.

Yet, the world is not experiencing peace, because Prem Rawat does not care so much for the world; he only cares if there are people coming to listen to him for a while and who will leave the auditorium feeling elated after hearing his repetitive speeches and exhortations.

Can Prem Rawat tell me which country that he has visited in the world is in peace with itself?

And if there is one, which country is that?

There are so many countries in the world which are not at peace with themselves. And what is Prem Rawat going to do with these countries and their people?

Why is he only visiting the countries which are generally economically better off with those who come to his lectures comprising of people who are also economically endowed.

Has Prem Rawat ever visited the poorest countries in the world, which are mostly in Africa, South America, and Asia and in the other regions?

Has he been to the Zionist state of Israel and preach peace to the Zionist supporters and leaders? 

I hope Prem can find in himself how he may be conning everybody the last forty years by saying that they do not have peace in their lives when they do. But they think they do not have it so they flock to come and hear him speak and pay whatever amount they are asking which allowed Prem to lead a glorious jetset life. 

Maybe Prem is suffering from jet-lag from having to travel around the world saying pretty much the same things. He does not say things which are race, religion and place specific to tailor to the needs of the different groups of people he is speaking to. 

No wonder he needs to travel so no one can say he is saying the same like he has the last forty years. 

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suarezenrique said...

Whoever wrote these comments about Prem Rawat started in the wrong foot because Mr. Rawat never stated "Peace is absence of war" but he said "PEACE IS NOT ABSENCE OF WAR" so the entire article is completely biased.