Thursday, March 7, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

In the recently held eighty-fifth annual Academy Awards show, all the women who attended it tried to outdo each other by appearing in clothes which were exclusively designed for them at huge costs.

It is also the reason why there are so many fashion designers and fashion shows of all sorts where the designers display all sorts of designs which are mostly outrageous, using ideas culled from the days when their ancestors were Pagans, especially with the tattooing that we see on them more and more these days, which are sure signs of Paganism that has crept into American and western societies.

In fact, fashion shows in the west are a tribute to Paganism and their deities who looked pretty much like the American and western women do now.

Many appeared as though they were not ready to go out, and especially when they were wearing gowns which are too large which sweep the floor. They know they cannot go anywhere else wearing such clothes.

They also look half-naked and try to attract the attention of everybody else with their individuality.

But since every woman was doing it, the individuality and weirdness do not seem to matter. On the contrary, they would go at great lengths to enhance these qualities, which they thought were signs of their advancement in their social and cultural tastes.

This is basically the problem with their religions or beliefs which do not have any formal dress code for its believers, unlike Islam which is the only religion that does have it and which also does forbid the fusing of Pagan values like the other religions which allow that.

So a Christian or Catholic can also be a Pagan as what many of those in South America, Africa and also the Philippines practice both these beliefs with their church leaders leading the pack and those in the Vatican who are so far away tuning away to look at the other direction and indirectly encouraging it.     

They say they are people with some sort of religion, but they look mostly like Pagans which can clearly be seen in the designs of their clothes, hairstyle, jewelry and other accessories including on their behavior. They definitely do not reflect the best of America, but the worse of America.

The real America is not like that. It is more subdued and laidback, with people who wear modestly. This can be seen when one is in America.

The real Americans are those who are out of the country, living amongst the natives in other lands, when they know how to behave better and speak better.   

In the end, all of the women appeared to be influenced not by the need to wear, but the need not to wear. So they ended up not attracting much attention on their expensive clothes, except by those who care to look at them and to talk about them.

The Academy Awards night, therefore, is not one to celebrate the cinema, but clothes – women’s clothes, that it, since the men generally appeared to be contended with what they are able to wear, black tuxedos with matching bows mostly and sometimes ties.

There was no need for the men attending the show to outdo each other since they were already contented with their acceptable fashion, except for their women who mostly come with them, who have to search for new styles and fashion or they will feel inadequate.

On the other hand, the Arab, Indian and women of other countries in Asia, generally knew what they wanted to wear. So they did not have to continue finding for the right design to wear.

They are happy with their arbaya, robes, kaftans, sari and also baju kurung.

But the American and western women including the Chinese women do not seem to be able to know what they are able to wear.

So they continue to design new clothes by trying to outdo the others yet, they still fail.

The truth is that the America and western women including the Chinese women do not have a special costume to wear in official functions, unlike the Arabs, Indians and Melayu who have it.

They also do not have an identity. So they ended up using elements from the pajamas, bikinis, swimwear and whatever that their ancestors might have tried to create in the past, by coming up outrageous designs to wear, mostly as a tribute to pagan believes and cultures, which mostly show in their hairstyles and other paraphernalia.

No one can blame them, because they have come from civilizations which cannot stand the test of time.

So what many think about how fashionable the American, western and Chinese women are, is in actual fact the sad truth about how they are not given the special and unique costume by their ancestors to pass down to them.

He Arab, Indian and Melayu women including their men have no need to continue searching for the right design of clothes that they can wear.

So in the end, the American, western and Chinese women are not fashion conscious, but simply lost in time.

These women have rejected the clothes worn by their ancestors because the designs are not practical and which do not suit with the changing times, so they have to continue changing the designs of the clothes they wear.

The Chinese in Malaysia especially have lost their cultural identity; they do not like the clothes of their ancestors had designed by rejecting the ‘kurta’ and also ‘cheongsam’. They have to wear ‘western-style’ clothes, whatever that it with the Chinese and Indian men having no choice but to wear suits.

The Melayu men and women have their ‘baju Melayu’, ‘baju kurung’ and also ‘baju kebaya’ to wear, but not the non-Melayu men and women in Malaysia

There are, however, some Melayu women in Malaysia who can be said to be confused as much as their counterparts in America and the west, and they are also trying to outdo each other by appearing in clothes which are equally gaudy and often inappropriate to the function that is held in Malaysia.

And they perform on stage wearing such outfits before a crowd of more conservative women who cover their bodies.  

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