Friday, January 23, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

The French government or police did not like it that one of the newspapers in France on Saturday, 10 January, 2015 had published a photo on the front-page showing a terrorist gunning down to kill an injured policeman who was lying on the sidewalk, who happens to be an Arab, too, like his attacker. 

Here is how the French practice their so-called Freedom of speech and expression by supporting the publishing of some sketches depicting the Prophet yet on the other hand they frowned upon another newspaper from publishing the photo which they thought was insensitive.

This is happening even before the woman, Hayat, who is said to be linked to the hostage crisis in the Kosher Supermarket (Hyper Cacher) is arrested and the dramas of the two attacks on it and Charlie Hebdo are fully digested. 

Even the attackers of the Twin Towers of Lower Manhattan might have got inspiration from watching an earlier Hollywood called ‘Independence Day’ which saw the White House being bombed to smithereens. 

There is no doubt that all the Arab and Muslim terror suspects and terrorist a.k.a. militants have direct links to Hollywood.

And the most startling discovery on their psychology and politics is how they too believe in the Freedom of speech and expression.

However, unlike many in France, Australia and America and the west, they believe in such freedoms to the extreme.

They define what these freedoms are and act accordingly as much as the cartoonists in Paris and Copenhagen who also do so.

If some French cartoonists believe that they can draw caricatures of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in any manner they wish and publish them in their magazines, then surely, their critics too can act accordingly to support such a believe.

Charlie Hebdo does not have a wide coverage with about 50,000 copies sold per issue at the most.

What this means to many is how this magazine really did not get the full support of the French or its government; they let this magazine to be what they wanted to be and try to attract or distract their attention now and again, by pushing the envelop and coming up with things or sketches which are outrageous.

Yet, they were still not able to do that, even when they mocked fun of some Catholic issues and characters or icons.

Yes, this magazine had been sued more than a dozen times, but they persisted, until 7 January, 2015, when the music stopped for them – it stopped dead!

The Catholic Church had filed law suits against the magazine but they lost. The Muslims in Paris did not care for the courts and used other methods, to reserve their rights to Freedom of expression and speech to prove that the pen and guns are mighty, to prove that the pen can bend and trust into the chest of the person holding it, if the person is not careful enough, as much as the driver of a motorcar who is careless he can turn the car into a weapon that costs his own life and that of some others.       

Yet, some of them are the very persons who admire their works to want to react to them, albeit violently ala Hollywood to a highly dramatic end, much like those endings one could see in some action films produced by Hollywood.

…And how the ‘terrorists’ might have indeed studied some films produced by Hollywood such as ‘Al Capone’, ‘Bonnie and Clyde’, ‘Dog Day Afternoon’, ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, ‘Rambo’, ‘Men-In-Black’ and a few others…and documentaries on the assassinations of American presidents Lincoln and Kennedy, and of their assassins.   

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ produced and directed by Steven Spielberg made fun of the Arabs to rake in millions despite it being an anti-Arab and anti-Islam film.

He was lucky because the Arabs were not yet familiar with new film criticism at that time like many of them do now, or he too would have got it.   

This is what had just happened in Sydney recently and also Paris now and can happen in some other places and cities in Europe, America and the western world, when everybody least expected it to happen.

Such incidents will never happen in any country in South America.

It is amazing how what happened at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris looks like some early Hollywood films. Hollywood moments! And how there are some who would fully subscribe to the extreme interpretation of the Freedom of Speech and Expression, so no one who says he is championing such a cause will want to condemn them.  

Hollywood action films create action heroes who can do anything.

This is not to discount Superman, Batman and Robbin and also James Bond, all of whom have a mission to prove themselves and to themselves alone how they alone can change the world for the better.

The ‘terrorists’ appearing at the front door of Charlie Hebdo must have wondered if they too could make use a bit of the acts created by Hollywood screenwriters, directors and producers and also studios, and savior the moment for as long as they could and get wide media coverage in the process and extend a bit more on the virtues of the Freedom of speech and expression by taking it to the most dramatic and also explosive level.

It is no accident (forgive the pun) how the action at Charlie Hebdo came in the wake of the Lindt Café in Sydney, so that the ‘terrorists’ do not overlap each other’s ‘achievements’ so that the media representatives can focus on one incident after the other, by sidelining the crash of AirAsia QZ8501, by relegating it as a regional catastrophe and probably not comparable or worthy to be described as ‘international catastrophe’ as what had happened in Sydney and also Paris.   

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