Tuesday, July 30, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

It seems that the world cannot depend on any of those people who had been given the Nobel Peace Prizes over the last many decades.

What are they doing with their win? They got a certificate, a trophy and US$1.5 million from the Swedish Institute in Stockholm, yet, they have not given back what they had won to the world.

The most celebrated Nobel Peace Prize winners today also do not know what they can do to fight for peace in the world.

One then wonders why the Nobel Prize committee bothered to create such a prize in the first place.

Was it because they wanted to give recognition to those who had created wars in the world and then try to solve it?

It is therefore ironic how the many of them had been given the prize were indeed those who were involved in most of the problems the world had seen.

So it is not wrong for anyone to wonder why are there now so many people who have been given the so-called Nobel Peace Prize over the last many decades, yet, there is still no peace in the world.

The problem is that the winners are mostly those who were responsible for the problems of the world, and in trying to create peace, they get the prize.

Or there are some who had been incarcerated by their government, and were given the same prize as defenders of human rights.

Palestinians and Arabs can never get the Nobel Peace Prize, except for Yasser Arafat who was poisoned by the Zionists. He won it together with his nemesis, Menachem Begin.

And what has Nelson Mandela done to promote peace in the world, never mind in Africa? Nothing.

He has also not bothered to establish the Nelson Mandela World Peace Foundation to promote it.

In fact, one can say that Mandela benefited from the support he got from many Arab and Muslim countries when he was incarcerated on Roben Islands, but he did not reciprocate the deed when he was freed, and later on become the first democratically elected president of South Africa.

He only made a visit to Tripoli, Libya and met the then leader of Libya, Muamar Ghadafy, despite being criticized by the American government then, when he remarked how he ‘did not forget his friends’.

But that’s just about all that Mandela had done to show his gratitude to the Libyans who supported him when African was under Apartheid White minority rule.

In fact, Mandela or South Africa also did not thank Malaysia for being the first country in the British Commonwealth to call for expulsion of the Apartheid South Africa from the grouping of former countries colonized by Britain, which created a multiplier effect causing the Apartheid government and country to be sidelined by the international community, a move which later caused the Apartheid to surrender to the will of the Black majority in the country.

Mandela may not have known about this fact, but surely, those in the African National Conference (ANC) party must know about it. But they didn’t and if they did, they didn’t care.

They preferred to thank the American government for causing the Apartheid government to be replaced, as this could give them wider coverage in the American and world media.

I want to see a road in any major city in South Africa be given the name of Tunku Abdul Rahman Road, the first prime minister of Malaysia who mooted the idea in the British Commonwealth conference.

Hailing Mandela as a peace-loving man is not sufficient; he benefited from the charity of others without which he might still be in Roben Islands today, if he could survive living there without proper medical attention and treatment.

There are so many people who have been given the Nobel Peace Prizes over the last many decades.

Those who got the prize felt important, with some who were left wondering what they might have done to deserve this, especially Myanmar activist, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, who was under house arrest in Yangon when she was given the award.

It was years later after she was released by the Thein Swee government or regime that she was able to go to Stockholm to give her acceptance speech.

And like all the other Nobel Peace Prize winners, Aung Sang Suu Kyi is also a depressing character; she has not shown and act of kindness on the Rohingya minority in her country.

She feared being chastised by the Buddhist militants in her country more than to pacify her inner conscience.

Yes, Time Magazine had branded some Buddhist monks as ‘Buddhist Militants’ in their cover story that carried the title of ‘The face of Buddhist Terror’.

This magazine was banned by the Myanmar regime, because they did not want to face the truth.

So what was the real reason for the Nobel Prize committee to continue giving the Nobel Peace Prize, when those who had been given it have not caused the world to be better and more peaceful?

They should stop giving anymore of this prize as it makes a mockery of the real reason why the prize was given away in the first place.

Are the Nobel Peace Prizes only for the politicians? Why can’t they give the prize to the inventors whose creation had caused the world to be a better place to live in?

They certainly deserve to be given the prize more than the war-mongers and political leaders who hog media traffic the more they create trouble in the world, the more they repress their own people and their neighbors, by stealing land from them using ancient text to justify their barbarism and cruelty against fellow humans. 

Maybe it would be good if some other organizations can come up with a special prize for the worst war-mongers, so the world knows who they are.

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