Wednesday, September 13, 2017


By Mansor Puteh

It seems that the world and especially the superpowers, those who have the means to inflict harm using the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) have not learnt much from the experiences they had from the First and Second World Wars, and the sufferings they too had to ensure.

There were no victors in the two world wars; only losers and victims.

The creation of the League of Nations and the United Nations (UN) have not brought much change in the thinking and attitudes of those six superpowers. They had not bothered to create a system that has many checks and balance to also ensure that they do not transgress boundaries, and cause wars to break.

On the contrary, it is them, especially America, that has been trying to sow discord with countries they assume can be bullied to submission.

It is ironic how those countries which were said to be staunch enemies of the Nazis and Communists, who had strove to get rid of them all from the face of the earth, had actually taken some of the forms, methods and styles of their former adversaries and mortal enemies.

The Nazis and Communists had brought to the world many indescribable things which they used with fervor.

All these were said by America and the other countries in the west to be repulsive to them and to mankind.

And over time, the Nazis were gotten rid of. And much later still, the Soviet Communists, too, were gotten rid off. Most of those Soviet Communists, the Bolsheviks, however, were Jews, a fact that had not been disclosed until fairly recently.

Their leaders, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin were all Jews. And it was not a coincidence that they were so; they who ended the reign of the Romanovs, to rule the country for the next seventy years before the Soviet Union or USSR collapsed causing some of the countries, especially the Muslim republics, in the Union to be free.

So the world had been spared with Nazism and Soviet Communism?

Is that a fact? It surely it.

But along the way, in trying to get rid of this scourge, their mortal enemies, namely America and few other countries in the west, and the Zionists had acquired some of the styles of the Nazis and Soviet Communists themselves.

It is unbeknownst to them that they had already done so, and with equal fervor as did the Nazis and Soviet Communists.

This is the irony of all ironies!

And in continuing to do so, America and the Zionist state have in fact created new frontiers for them to sow discord, from which they thought they could benefit from, in the most direct as well as oblique ways possible and necessary.

Theirs is a journey to self-annihilation and self-destruction. But they wrought untold damage to ancient civilizations chastising other religions, particularly Islam along the way.

They have no fear of retribution for they are not god-fearing; they are bound by the edicts of the devils and those created by the Elders of Zion that trample upon those contained in the holy books of the Jews.

This is the disgusting thing that had happened after the Second World War where the Fourth Estate of the west and of America and the Zionists had succeeded in cheating everybody including themselves how six million Jews had been killed in the gas chambers in Germany by the Nazis, when such a thing had not happened. But the Zionists and their minions had succeeded to using this ploy till now, when the truth had emerged that such a thing had not happened. It was impossible for it to happen.

The reason being the total population of the Jews in Nazi Germany was about 2.5 million.

What is more disgusting is how the Muslim World which now suffers the brunt of aggression from the Zionists and the west still do not know how to go about changing the perception that they are the ‘terrorists’ and the Zionists and Israelis are the ‘victims’.

None of the leaders of the Arab and Muslim countries had ever talked about the need for them to create their Fourth Estate to counter such perceptions that had caused them to lose much especially their kind that had been killed thus far and their land destroyed with Palestine still not free.

It should have been so easy for the Arabs who number in the billions to free Palestine and to stop any Zionist aggression yet, they are not able to do so.

Worse of all, is when many Arab leaders are easy prey and they could be manipulated by the Zionist leaders who use their Mossad and Hasbara to interfere in the thinking and management of their countries including and especially character assassinating them and causing them to be replaced often by force, much to the glee of the Arabs who later on realized too late that they had been made fools off and their countries that had experienced intense economic growth to suffer till today with no sign that they could be returned to their former status.

Maybe it was all because of the Higher Plans of the Higher Being that no one in the west including and especially the Zionist could know of, which is for the Arabs and other Muslims to expand and move to the west, so in time, all the countries in Europe and America would have a substantial Muslim population as can be seen now.

And that is not without a reason for it to happen.

Just as it was also for a good reason why Spain and Portugal too had to have their Arab domination reduced so that they could move eastwards to Central Asia where there are now many Muslim republics.

All this will amount to the establishment of the Second Muslim Revival which is now happening in the west and America. And this could not be done or achieved if the Arabs and other Muslims initiated it.

It had to be initiated by those who are bent on destroying Islam and the Arabs and Muslims and what better people could we have than the Zionists. And the creation of Israel too is an act that further could cause this grand plan to happen, while they are looking at how they could still destroy more Arab countries.