Thursday, August 10, 2017


By Mansor Puteh

It concerns the effort by the Zionists who had cunningly fashioned themselves as the victims and the Palestinians as the ‘terrorists’ and those who support the Palestinian cause as the idiots and fools.

For too long the Palestinians have been behaving like they are as charged and their enemies, the victims. The Fourth Estate of the Zionists had said so.

And worse, all the so-called think tanks of the Arabs and other Muslims have failed to do anything. Why are they still calling themselves think tanks and think tankers?

And this has been going on for decades, yet, no one has taken any action to counter it other than to protest and complain about the media in America and the west which had promoted such a notion.

There are ways that the Palestinian and Arab and other Muslim leaders could have done to counter this but their short mind had not made this possible.

In the end the Palestinians suffer and the people continued to be killed and their lands stolen and annexed over the last seven decades.

Therefore, in short, the issue is between the cunning and shrewd Zionists and the dumb and careless Arabs…

Yet, seven decades had passed and the Zionists are still nowhere to what they had aimed to achieved; and this was due not to the Palestinians themselves, but by the others who champion their cause in many ways, one of the more effective ones must be the BDS movement, a loose organization that stands for the boycott, divest and sanctions against the Israeli regime.

Palestinian and Arab and other Muslim leaders and their supporters in the west have been looking at the issues surrounding the annexation and theft of Palestinian land elsewhere.

So what they have got till now is more Palestinians killed by the Zionist forces and they are able to get away with murder so easily that the others in the IDF could repeat what they colleagues had done earlier without any fear of retribution.

On the contrary, they had been hailed as heroes of Zion and the Apartheid state of Israel.

And it does not matter to them anymore how they had been charged for being an apartheid state, much like South Africa, as long as they are still getting backing and support from America.

And no wonder the issues concerning the Palestinians and the Zionist-Jews had been around for seven decades and it had gotten worse for both, with the Zionists being stuck with their experiment and the Palestinians suffering more death and the displacement of some more and losing more land.

If the Palestinians and Arab and other Muslim leaders and their supporters knew what they were in for long ago, when the issues first started to emerge, the whole of Palestine could have been freed and the Jews who had come from Europe and Soviet Union would have fled back to where they had come from.

There is too much dilly-dallying by both parties and their so-called sympathizers with the United Nations showing scant interest to resolve the matter.

And no one knew why the problem had happened in the first place and how it could be solved to the benefit of the vanquished and the true victims.

But for now the Zionist-Israelis can continue to claim to be the victims and charge the Palestinians for being the ‘terrorists’, supported by the Fourth Estate that they had controlled and created to define the plot and who are the antagonists and protagonists.

While the Palestinians who did not have it, continue to suffer in the hands of the media gatekeepers and the propaganda they create whenever they like with the Palestinians and their supporters who are hapless and even dumb not to realize that it was not the guns that had given them too much anxieties but the actions of the Fourth Estate of their adversaries which had cause them to suffer greatly.

And it is also not without a reason why many Hollywood films could profile the Arabs as crooks and no Jew who can be so described.

The Zionist-Israeli leaders and their strategists knew all the Arab states would be better developed and more economically advanced than Israel. Even then Baghdad was the most modern city in the Middle East.

And with OIL and large human resources, the Arab countries could make Israel the most backward country in the region.
If this happened no sane Jew however fanatic and Zionist he is, would not want to go to Israel.

So Israeli and Zionist strategists had to devise a way to ensure those economically advanced Arab countries were destroyed so Israel could look modern and advanced and continue to hoodwink more confused Jews from America and Europe and elsewhere to increase its population in Israel and with America continue to offer military and financial aid like what had happened.

The Arab leaders are dumb and they did not know this and prefer to waste their time over-reacting to actions created by the Israeli every now and then while their young are killed and their lands stolen...

Therefore the issue is between the cunning and shrewd Zionists and the dumb and careless Arabs…

The Palestinians and their supporters have to bear the consequences of their inaction and it is they who had allowed the Zionists to continue to gain from their ignorance.

Maybe its time for the political leaders and their strategists to give up and engage those who are more qualified to handle the case so that Palestine can be freed, finally, without engaging their nemesis in any military conflict or engagement or even by the throwing of stones.

The worse, is when the Arab countries and their supporters had not even considered publishing books or novels and films and documentaries that could be shared throughout the world to show Palestine and how the Palestinians had lived before the partition and the creation of the state of Israel, to show the situation there; and worse, on the arrival of the hapless Jews from Europe and Soviet Union seeking solace and safety in Palestine.