Monday, July 11, 2016


By Mansor Puteh

David Saul Marshall, a Jew and prominent lawyer in Singapore could be turned as chief minister despite the Jews being such a small minority in the country; yet he was able to gain the trust of the majority comprising of the Muslims and the others.

There are many photos of David Marshall which are still preserved in the national archives in Malaysia and Singapore.

He was the lawyer who could win cases in court even when it was evidently clear that the persons he was representing were guilty, sitting beside Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first prime minister of Malaysia in the 1950s.

And there are also photos I had taken of the only Jew man who hailed from Crown Heights in Brooklyn, New York City who braved himself by setting a factory in Selayang recondition automobile parts which he imported from America to be sent back to the country, and employing close to two hundred workers mostly from Bangladesh, at the Jewish cemetery in Pulau Pinang.

There is also a photo of him visiting a former synagogue in this city which is now a photo store.

When he was alive Gary would rent a bus to take his workers from his factory in Selayang, Selangor for a day-trip to Pulau Pinang and with his first stop at the Jewish Cemetery in Jalan Yahudi or Jew Road on the island and meet up with some of the few Jews who are still living there before taking his group to a photo store in the city which is a former synagogue.

And he even married off his son to a Melayu-Muslim woman from Sabah and lived long enough to see them give him his first grandson who was born in America

The Jewish Cemetery is well-kept by the Malaysian government who did not have any plans to demolish it, like what the Portuguese did when they conquered Melaka in the Fifteenth Century, to use the land as cemeteries for their dead.

So when the Dutch took over Melaka from the Portuguese and demolish the Portuguese cemetery so we now have a Dutch cemetery there instead, which unfortunately is being preserved by the Melaka state government as do the other churches and Portuguese and Dutch historical relics that have become sore tourist attractions.  

The voters of Singapore who comprised of the Melayu, Chinese and Indians and some Eurasians, and few thousand Jews like David Marshall turned him into office because he had leadership and who liked to say, ‘If you like me, put a small ‘X’ (on the ballot paper); and if you don’t like me, put a larger one!

He said so in perfect Melayu the language of the majority.

Lee Kuan Yew, who succeeded him at prime minister of Singapore asked why he decided to represent them, and get them free, for which he remarked how he only dealt with evidence.

And after the seizure of Palestinian land by the Zionists and Israelis, the Jews in Pulau Pinang and Singapore began to dwindle, and there has not been any Jew who had become prominent. Many of them had fled to Australia to take up citizenship.

Only Singapore has an Israeli embassy because the country was dependent on the Israelis to help formulate its defense that it did not have when Singapore was thrown out of the Federation of Malaysia in 1965 because its chief minister then, Kuan Yew had other outrageous and meaningless ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ plans for the country that he thought he could use a slogan so empty so as he could rise further up in the politics of Malaysia then.

Malaysia’s prime minister then, Tunku Abdul Rahman knew his insidious ways and evict Singapore from the Federation with Kuan Yew being left in a quandary that forced him to seek some support from the Israelis by lying to everybody by saying that the Israeli intelligence officers were ‘Mexicans’.

Thus the new Republic of Singapore grew up on such a childish lie. 

Benjamin Netanyahu is not happy that he cannot go anywhere he likes in the world because the cause he believes in has created the whole world as his prison; and the Jews from all over the world including even in Singapore being forced to leave the countries to go to Israel where they are held in virtual prison, with the state now resembling the NEW MASADA where everybody surrounding it becoming the New Romans.

Sooner or later even America and the United Kingdom will clear themselves of the Zionists.

The Jews were not meant to have a country of their own; but to be scattered all over the world in small numbers so they can lead the locals with their leadership qualities and talents in all fields to benefit mankind.

This was the scenario for a long while; and there were small pockets of Jews in almost all the countries in the world and in all the Arab and Muslim ones where they were able to observe their religious practices without anyone bothering them in the synagogues their ancestors had built for them.

Now the Jews had fled from all these countries for believing in the false promise of the Zionist elders who themselves are where they are in the United Kingdom and America. And the situation with them is not getting any better by the day.  

It is too bad that the Zionist elders did not have foresight in wanting to achieve their goal which now looks to be so evil that it does not have parallel in history; and they are fortunate to not survive long enough to realize what problems and hardship they had given the latter day Zionist leaders who are stuck in the pit that had been dug by the original Zionist leaders, for which they are not able to extricate themselves from, other than to wait for the New Masada to be destroyed by some unnatural calamity.

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