Saturday, March 12, 2016


By Mansor Puteh

Dr Martin Luther King must surely be shocked and will roll in his grave if he hears of the minorities in Malaysia who were sent to Tanah Melayu by the British as no more but the equivalent of SLAVES to support their decadent colonial system, who are now free but who insist on having their separate schools, the vernacular schools where Mandarin and Tamil are the mediums of instruction.

Even then it is Mandarin and Tamil but not the other Chinese or Indian dialects, because their numbers are small so they could not demand for similar schools in Cantonese or Malayam, Telugu and Urdu, etc.

So this is the main factor, number, which had caused the Chinese and Indian community and political leaders to be able to use their political leverage that the Melayu majority had surrendered to them, because they were fractured and turning the Chinese and Indians as the unnecessary kingmakers.

If the Chinese and Indians had used their cool heads earlier on then surely, the vernacular schools would have not come into existence.

Here is a photo of a group of non-Melayu I chanced seeing at a national school or sekolah Melayu, and whose parents had made the right decisions to send their children to this school and not to the vernacular Mandarin and Tamil ones.

There are many other national schools in Malaysia that have large numbers of non-Melayu students; and they seem to be happy living with each other unencumbered by unnecessary social, cultural, religious strife; and who will grow up much like the open-minded Chinese and Indians who are easy to mix with the Melayu majority and enjoying life because they have balance which those with the vernacular schooling backgrounds do not have.

And this is the main reason for the existence of the Chinese parties especially the DAP to continue to exist because they are given the boost with the existence of the vernacular schools that are ironically also supported by the government.  

And what do those students with vernacular schooling backgrounds do if they drop out of school after Standard Six or Form Three do?

They can’t be absorbed into the private sector, government sector, so they have to enter the Crimes Sector, by doing odd-jobs and especially pasting illegal stickers everywhere and for the Indians, stealing metals especially manholes…with those who have better morals opting to drive cabs or to operate stalls in the night markets.

You can bet those Chinese and Indian students with the national schooling backgrounds won’t be able to do such things because they have better moral values and better education.

And why are the Chinese in Malaysia are not insisting that their brethren in Hong Kong which was also under British colonial rule for so long do away with the vernacular schools with Cantonese as the medium of instruction and have the English schools instead?

They are in the majority there so they can decide to have such schools. But they were not interested to have them. They only have the Cantonese schools.

And how many Hong Kongers are able to speak in English well? Not many.

In Malaysia many Chinese insist on having the English language schools saying that they are more superior and better to the Melayu ones, because their main idea is to do away with the Melayu schools where they could not excel in and to degrade the national language. 

Unfortunately the problem arises when there is a substantial number of Chinese who had been given a lot of leg-up to succeed in the economic that they had become less subtle and also coarse in their language, especially those in political.

And in Malaysia, this can be allowed because of the division of the Melayu so that the Chinese can cause harm to their unity to benefit from it and in the process too push their language agenda and with the advertising industry being controlled by them they have slowly caused the wider use of the Melayu language, with even some Melayu claiming that the language to be inferior and the schools too should be turned into English language ones like what he had before.

But that was during the British administration of Malaya. This is another story.

One of the main reasons why the Melayu wanted the British out was also because the wanted to have less or no English in the country which some Chinese are still demanding today with the lame excuses that they could think of simply because they could not push for the wider use of Mandarin in the country which even a Chinese-dominated country like Singapore are not wont to accept fully.

And why are those Chinese and Indians who favor and support the continued existence of the vernacular schools are silent on the matter when it comes to the way the Chinese and Tamils are treated in other countries especially in America, the United Kingdom and the others in Europe that do not give them any inch to what they claim they would need, being citizens of the countries and who should also demand to be given the same treatment as what their brethren have been given in Malaysia all this while?

Most of the time, they would use those countries in the West as their gauge to support whatever claims however dubious and inconsequential they may be, and if those countries have things that are useful to them, they praise them.

But on the question of the vernacular schools, those countries do not have anything to do with them; and yet the Chinese and Tamil there do not demand for them to be established.

They can demand to be allowed to build their temples and Chinatowns and Little Indias wherever they want, but in terms of education, their demands cannot and will not be met.

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