Monday, February 8, 2016


By Mansor Puteh

…And the ‘Endless War’ campaign currently taking place in the Arab countries would have a surprising end?

But China’s economic development is also highly dependent on the charity of the others particularly the Muslim world and other third countries in Africa and South America.

So in other words, China too has to be so, because of the precarious state it is in; that forced their leaders to not preach but to listen more and the more the other countries in the Muslim World accept them, their country is okay. But for how long?

Their leaders do not have an air about them, unlike their counterparts in America who like ceremony and drama because their economy is ‘parasite economy’ which is totally dependent on the charity of other countries especially the less and developing ones who could catch with them soon and if this happens, China’s economy can go bust, as do the other developed countries.

This is what the Chinese emperors of old had done which is for them not to leave the country and got their senior officials and admirals to venture out to establish cordial relations with the rulers of those countries, except for Tibet when they seized it fifty years ago because they knew they could get away with it.

And in Melaka or Malacca, the Ming Dynasty Emperor Yong-Lo sent Admiral Zheng He or Cheng Ho to the state and the others in Southeast Asia and beyond but without any pretensions to dominate them, despite the fact that he had come with thousands of men, whereas the states being new only had a fraction of people living in them at that time.

And they had come to trade and not to overpower and dominate or colonized, which they could have easily done and leaving some Chinese to overpopulate the local natives.

If the early Chinese emperors had such ambitions most of the countries in the Southeast Asian region would be Chinese ones much like Singapore; but the British were the ones who had imported the Chinese over to the island until its number was so overwhelming that the local native Melayu were displaced so now Singapore is basically a Chinese republic and the only one outside of China which was created by the importation of the Chinese. 

The British being cunning colonial masters did not care to bring the laborers they needed in Singapore to develop the island, especially from the nearby islands and Indonesia, but chose to bring in the Chinese for the simple reason that in this way they could cause Singapore to become under their control.

I just managed to follow a program on CCTV, which is the China Central Television where a dean of a university in Beijing was talking about certain matters one of which on how a Chinese dean of a university in Beijing who studied at Harvard, said America prefers to preach and not listen; while China prefers to do it the other way by listening to the countries and not preaching. How true.

If the scholar who is also a dean of the university in Beijing, China had not spoken it in English and who had not studied at Harvard, chances are what he had said would be easily scoffed by those scholars and experts in America and other countries in the west, who like to look down on the scholars who did not study in America.

America is not doing itself a service by preaching to the other countries in the world too much; they will get it sooner or later when their economy further shrinks and their dollar becoming less favored currency, with China rising further up with the creation of new cities which are far larger than any in America or the world and its RMB or Yuan currency floating hither and higher with the Arab countries starting to trade in the gold dinar.

What will become of America then?

They survive on currency that is virtually worthless and may not even be worth the paper it is printed on soon.

America has a deficit of US$500 billion a year which it pays with a mere promise. And it is said to have only ten battalions to look after the security of the country.

This is not enough to defend America from outside threat. So they have to embark on a campaign of offense and creating wars in Arab and other countries to force them to fight with each other like what is happening in the Arab World today.

The Endless War campaign is not a mere slogan; it was meant to keep America safe; more so it is meant to put the Zionist state of Israel also safe, but for the moment, and as long as the other Arab countries surrounding it are at war with each other and by provocation from American elements and the Zionist forces.

It is a campaign that no one has ever mentioned in the analyses that had been given by many till now; I first read about it in a book written by Walter G. Tarpley, which I found to be very convincing.

And the campaign must have started quietly with the bombing of Afghanistan and the removing of the Taliban in the country after which Pakistan became the next target, which later spread to the other Arab countries leading to the assassination of some of the more vocal Arab leaders including Muamar Ghadaffy and the sacking and arrest of Mohammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who was elected president, but whose tenure was cut short because the Zionists did not favor him, because they feared this political movement could cause its demise.

Morsi was detained over some spurious charges and consequently sentenced to hang by the courts in Egypt.

In the meantime, China slowly rises from the ashes and self-deprivation and is slowly marching out in full force in countries that have been left by America and the west especially those in Africa and South America and the Arab World.

Their president and prime minister travel all over the world; but they do not preach; they prefer to listen. And they do not come fully armored unlike the president and secretary of state of America who fear their own shadows and who do not seem to be welcome by the people in the countries they are visiting.

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