Thursday, June 4, 2015


By Mansor Puteh

Can America really survive with them, the drugs, they are getting in large volumes from South America, especially Colombia? Who’s doing who a service here?

As long as there is a great demand for them, there will be ample supply. After all, it is a demand market, not a supply market, we are talking about.

It is just too bad that such drugs thrive in the warm weather in the countries in South America from where they come from.

This explains why drug smuggling does not happen in Canada because the Canadians are not able to produce them because of their artic weather they have there.

But the largest market for illegal drugs is in America itself and not in Canada or the countries in South America.

Even the drug traffickers are not known to be hooked on the drugs they smuggle into America, for which some of them finally get it, including their head honco, Pablo Escobar and now Gussman who has been detained.

Escobar was finally gunned down as he tried to flee from the local authorities in Colombia while running on a roof of an apartment where he had been hiding.

A program on this episode was produced by an international satellite television station and shown worldwide showing how his final location was detected after he was cornered into thinking that his family were safe in a hotel in Bogota and when he tried to contact his son, he was finally located and done with.

To many in Colombia, he was their hero, as he was and still is to many in America whose lives depended on him supplying the drugs to them for their daily consumption.

The question one can now ask is: Just how many American die each time there is a drug bust? And how many Americans from all walks of life who lament the death of a drug baron especially Pablo Escobar?

But illegal drug smuggling into America continues no matter what, even if more Escobars are gunned down.

The real solution to this problem which can cause the American government to save a lot is to reeducate the Americans on the bad effects of drug consumption, an lifestyle that many of them had acquired form the 1960s, with the Hippy Movement and the creation of the Pop Culture and ‘encouraged’ by their film industry and other literary activities.

However, if America can be said to be winning the ‘war on cigarette smoking’ then surely they can also win the ‘war on illegal drug taking’.

It may not necessary be a lifestyle issue, but more of a psychological one that can be addressed by creating in the minds of the young Americans about the ill effects of the drugs that the older Americans have been taking for which not many knew how to kick them once they had been hooked to them.

It is not easy to equate the number which can be very large. There has not been any research on this because those who died of withdrawal syndrome must be many.

If there is a sudden shortage of the supply of the illegal drugs, then down the line the flow would be affected causing many Americans not to have their daily stock of them to sustain their day.

To these Americans, he was their hero. But they are not able to admit it publicly. He was their savior too.

There must be many since they depended on their supply of the drugs which they could only get from their regular suppliers from South America who had been doing a service to them all these years.

And through such a habit, they had become totally dependent on the dreaded substance and when the supply of it is cut, their lives, too were cut.

So definitely, when the drug barons were arrested and even killed, surely, their enterprise too suffered, but not for long before their anointed successors took over from them to continue with their business, which is to service the many millions of Americans whose demand for the drugs had created lucrative jobs for some South American entrepreneurs who can never be given the credit for helping to move America along, whose development in the arts and film production and in the major industries, have depended on the supply of drugs from the south.

So surely, when the drug barons were killed especially, many Americans suffer in anguish.

The drug barons of South America’s contribution to the development of the American intellectual and artistic capabilities have not been given due recognition.

Even those who had benefited from them have not shown their full appreciation for their contribution.

Can Americans develop their potentials without the barons and the drugs? No way.

So is it the demand factor which had created a lucrative business for some enterprising South American entrepreneurs, who are mostly Catholics like those who consume their goods, although there may also be atheists amongst the addicts.

Their real contributions to the well-being of many Americans, who are in the millions are not recognized; on the contrary, they were condemned and hounded like criminals.

They are criminals to some, but heroes to some others, who unfortunately, have not dared to come out to show their support for them, for having done so much to the Americans whose daily lives would not be as pleasant if not for the drug barons of South America.

It is a strange relationship many Americans are having with the drug barons of South America.

Americans, many of them, and they are in the millions had been fed to believe and think and also accept that the heaven that they had imagined could actually be created in their minds and the way to that place could be got by taking drugs.

And over the years, and even decades, pop arts and its related activities, had created this heaven that many Americans believe exist.

And in no time, they also created heroes, who comprise of the drug barons of South America, especially those in Colombia, Mexico and other countries, some of whom such as Escobar and Gussman had been either killed or arrested.

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