Thursday, February 13, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Who are the Swedes to play god?

They introduced laws which do not benefit anyone to start with. Many have suffered since their weird child laws were introduced, and many more would suffer in the future.

Yet, they are adamant that they are right in protecting the children in the country regardless of whether they are not Swedish citizens or who were born there.

It is also an irony how they have failed to realize that their laws have failed to protect even the children they claim to want to protect.

Many of the children have been taken away from their parents and are left with no parents.

They will grow up hating themselves for having spilled the beans against them, which involves nothing but personal and everyday and intimate family issues which can be solved by counseling.  

In the end, the affected children and their parents can also grow up to hate the government.

So who benefits from their laws? No one.

Or, may be the lawyers who can earn a lot representing the accused.

In any case, it should be the sole authority of the Swedish government to highlight their weird laws especially to those who intend to come to their country for a short trip or for posting, so they are fully aware of them.

Failing to do so must constitute a crime as they can be charged for cheating unsuspecting people who are not aware of the laws which are not present in most of the countries in the world, which are also against human rights.

Whatever it is, Swedish Laws can never come up close to Syariah Laws. They are no match to the Islamic Laws.

By right, it is the duty of the Swedish authorities to highlight the fact that they have laws which are alien to those who are not Swedish, and who wish to visit or live in the country for whatever reasons they may have, so that they cannot claim to be ignorant of these laws, which the other countries do not have.

Malaysia always remind foreigners who are flying into the country about the strict laws on drug smuggling since many of them may not be aware of that.

So why didn’t the Swedish authorities remind the Muslim couple about their unique laws when they first applied for their work permit to live and work in Sweden?

It is the responsibility of the Swedish authorities to inform foreigners about these laws.

One of the drawbacks or weaknesses of the Swedish Laws which purportedly aim at protecting juveniles in the country is that they do not observe the international legal convention on information gathering involving juveniles.

They did not get the parents of the juveniles to sit with them when they were being interrogated by the school and state authorities, so much so that the child could be easily manipulated, since he does not what he is facing.

And the other weakness is how the Swedish Laws do not protect the innocent, who are immediately punished, even before they are charged for anything.

The fact that the case involving the Muslim family has been dragged for so long, for a case so small, proves that the Swedes do not know how to handle the case.

Yet, they also do not know that the parents of the child, cannot be forced to provide any information to them, which would discriminate against them.

They can choose to remain quiet and not answer any question without the presence of their counsel.

So without being able to get any evidence or statements from the couple, what grounds do the Swedes have to charge them for anything, including for hurting their son?

They cannot depend on the statements of the twelve-year-old boy, and use them against his own parents.

Which court in the world allows this?

The Swedish Laws are therefore so inferior because they are fraud with weaknesses and faults.

They cannot determine that the welfare and dignity of the child can be protected.

On the contrary, the dignity of the Muslim boy has been tampered the moment he is questioned by his school teacher who, being a Swede would know what to get from him.

And in fact, the whole Muslim family has been punished, including the boy and his three brothers and sisters, and parents.

If the boy had been told of the legal ramifactions of his actions by his teacher then surely, he would take extra precaution so as not to cause himself and his entire family to experience indignities and even incarceration.

What they are experiencing in Stockholm is nothing short but ‘state sponsored kidnapping’; they are being held against their free will, and they are now at the mercy of the Swedish Laws which are inferior and bad.

The Swedish Laws are no where compared to Syariah Laws which give better protection to everybody including to animals, never mind, juveniles or children.

The laws in the west do not protect animals like the Syariah Laws so slaughtering of animals in the west or by non-Muslims are done in the most barbaric way.

Even the NGOs which call for the ban on the cruelty against animals do not go beyond sloganeering. 

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