Sunday, December 22, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

This is really what happens when the people are given the space for them to express themselves. They tend to get carried away with their own thoughts so much so that they can start to claim to be the voice of the majority; but they are just a small minority.

They also like to claim to support democracy, but they do not agree to anything if they are not voted by the voters.

But they do not want to blame or belittle the voters who did not vote them, but the party that had got more votes than them in the ‘first past the post’ system, who got more seats.

They also do not care if they trample on the very values that they claim to uphold and want everybody to do the same.

And they also like to claim to fight for human rights for the majority, but they have no guilt for trampling on basic human rights.

It is therefore ironic how the small group of noise-makers who call themselves ‘human rights activists’ can be allowed to do what they are doing.

The truth is most of them had not lived in America; they only like to copy and exhibit traits which some Americans had shown in the 1960s, with their street marches and protests, which were all aimed at the then Johnson Administration against the prolonged Vietnam War which had seen more than sixty thousand American killed.

This is the truth to what is happening in some streets in Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

But alas, the so-called ‘human rights activists’ that we have are only trampling on the rights they say they want to bring back to the society and country.

Using this as their trump card, they think they are absolved of whatever that they are capable of doing.

But alas, they are more than fifty years behind their counterparts in America or the 1960s.

The truth is they are only hiding behind the ‘human rights’ mask in order to allow them to be safe from ‘human rights abuses’ by the authority, who can be pushed to the side as they protest again and again and in the process also create massive problems for the majority around them.

They can hurl verbal abuse of all sorts, and not enough with that they can also cause physical harm to the armed forces personnel and public and private properties.

They do not seem to care what they are destroying, as long as they can march, protest and hurl verbal abuses on anyone and anything.

They have become what they claim to try and destroy.

It is high-time for the authorities to use the same laws – human right laws, against them because they have caused so much harm to the rest of the country that they have to bear with the consequences of their actions.

Human Rights are not for the minority to use to hide their hidden agendas, which is to destroy the very fabric of society that they want to soil, by exerting too much their emotions screening senseless thoughts and ideas all of which were imported into the country from the 1960s America.

In Thailand such a small group of protestors are able to disrupt traffic by seizing some streets in the center of Bangkok, and disable life in the city.

They, like their counterparts in other countries, do not like to take their show in deserted streets in deserted towns; they want to attract media attention.

They want to be above the law.

They claim to value ‘human rights’, yet, they are the ones who trample on these rights.

They have no right to do so, but they don’t care; they can also create chaos and riot by attacking public buildings and seizing them.

Yet, if there is retaliation from the authorities, they charge them to be against ‘human rights’ laws.

They cannot be charged under the same laws because they have appointed themselves to be the judge of the people.

Some Columbia University students seized the administration building of the university in the 1960s, to protest against the involvement of their country in the Vietnam War.

The Iranian students seized the American embassy in Tehran and detaining the staff for 444 days before releasing them just minutes after Ronald Reagan won the presidential elections against incumbent President Billy Carter whose efforts to release the American hostages failed.

In Malaysia, there are also people like those who often take to the streets to express their discontent. But no one knows what they are trying to pull.

They claim to be neutral and not with any particular party, but most of the political personalities they attract are those from the opposition.

They had congregated in the city center and disrupted life and business, but this is the least of their worries.

They have managed to attract international media attention, but it seems that this is just not enough. They crave for more.

The only thing that the protestors in Thailand did not want is for the authorities or government to act on them in the same way they are acting against the government.

If they do this, then the protestors can charge the government for showing excessive force and for ‘human rights abuses’ when they themselves can be charged for the same offenses.

Yet, this can never happen, since anti-government protestors think such charges can only be leveled against the government or authorities by them as it is their right to do so.

Even the so-called human rights group do not care what the protestors do on the government and public properties, as they also see it as the right of the protestors to do whatever they like.  

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hidayat said...

Salam Mr Mansor

i follow your post and i am greatly impressed with your way of writing and also the content. it is certainly an eye opener, with different perspective of what is coming from the masses.

please keep up writing and May Allah bless you.