Tuesday, August 6, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Don’t all those women, men and other social and religious activists cover themselves up from head to toe in the thick of winter? They all know how to cover themselves with layers and layers of clothes.

Why do they have to do that?

When it’s convenient for them to do so they did not freeze to a certain death due to hypothermia?

But in the warmer months and especially in the middle of a nasty summer, they start to peal off their layers of clothes to reveal their bare skin.

And this is also when they start to bare their fangs and blame those who still want to cover themselves up.

It’s as though they are not aware that they also have to cover themselves up when they attend formal functions and especially when they are participating in the masquerade parties when their women cover their faces with masks.

There are many westerners and those who are not Muslims who do not have issues concerning the covering up of Muslim women. Many of them are the more religious. It’s only the small group of the zealots and bigots who seem to be interested to bring this matter up when it is convenient for them to do so.

The Eskimos do not have any reason to dispute or criticize the way Muslim women wear, and cover up their body, even they are not Muslims.

The reason being, they know such clothes do protect themselves from the elements, like how they also cover their bodies all through the year.

Not only the Eskimo women who cover up their bodies but the men, too.

The better educated Westerners such as their surgeons, spacemen from all those countries that had sent them to outer space to also land some of the astronauts and cosmonauts on the moon do not complain.

In fact, there are more westerners or non-Muslims who do not take any issue regarding this, other than that small bunch of confused westerners who have already rejected their own religions mostly Catholicism and Christianity who seem to have some unsettled issue to deal with.

After more than 1431 years since the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, made his flight or hijrah from Madinnah to Mekkah, this issue concerning Muslim women’s clothes seems to be a very convenient target for some in the west.

And worse, it has also taken another dimension – a national one which concerns a country in Europe which is France.

France has taken the lead to ban the ‘burqa’ by their women.

Will the other countries in the European Union take the lead and do likewise to jump on the anti-burqa to rip off the cloths from the hapless Muslim women all of whom were in these countries not through their own fault by through the indiscretion of the leaders of those countries in an earlier time?

If not for them and their military adventures, there would not have been that many Muslims in their countries today.

So they just have to take the blame of having them now. They have no choice because what is happening now is not due to their own fault by the fault of their earlier leaders.

France, the center of fashion in the world, where all sorts of strange and funny ideas concerning human existence whose leaders in many fields had taken the lead to their own deprivation and social and cultural degradation and religious strife, is not trying to penalize some innocent Muslim women for their fashion choice.

This is strange, especially when the concept or pseudo-philosophical or pseudo-religious behavior of self-isolation was indeed created and introduced by the Europeans.

Yet, when this matter is taken up a step further, they balk.

Is it because they are not the ones who had done it but some innocent Muslim women?

So no wonder issues concerning the covering up of the women’s body are not raised by the Eskimos and those who live in the North or South Poles and other areas where the weather is very, very cold most of the year where their summer is too limited to a few days, and even then they still have to wear thick clothes.

No wonder the issue of Muslim women’s attire has never become any issue in the media in Alaska and the other countries in the Artic, who do not cover such stories.

They are only covered and debated by the media in the west, where the temperatures are less inhospitable, and their summers are very hot.        

Here, their media have some valid reasons to want to discuss such issues.

They are only raised by those who enjoy different seasons in the year and especially those living in the west or Europe to be exact. But they only get tensed up in summer and not in winter.

But don’t they realize that they also cover up in the cold months?

If the issue of covering up of the body is bad, then why practice it when it suits them? Why not go about half-naked even in the cold months and see if nature does not act harshly on them and on their protestations?

The issues of how the pious Muslim women dress are only raised by those non-Muslims in the west only in the summer.

This is when they peel off their clothes to reveal their skin and sun-tan to everybody.

But in winter, their mode of dressing is no different than that of the Muslim women. They cover up their body and mostly, they also cover-up the issue and put it off through the winter and other cold months, only to raise it again in the summer.

This has happened almost ever summer.

But don’t they also know that western and non-Muslim men and women also cover themselves up if they are astronauts and surgeons, etc. Are they also subject to the protests and criticisms of those who want to create their sins of summer, too?

They should, since they are also covering up much like the Muslim women do.

And if France is intent on banning the burqa, then why do they have to pride themselves as the center of fashion in Europe if not the world?

Even the atheists are not bothered by what the Muslim women wear because they practice democracy more than those who are supposed to religious and secular.

One Muslim woman in Australia was killed when part of her headscarf of ‘hijjab’ got caught in a machine.

But there are hundreds of women in the west who had got skin cancer which was mostly due to exposure to the sun.

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