Tuesday, June 11, 2013


By Mansor Puteh

Social networks are mostly an open diary. It exposes one’s personal and private and innermost thoughts on anything under the sun, which one would not normally share with the others.

But the act of posting such short snippets of one’s thoughts can be a good release for one who now seems to be pressured from retaining them in one’s heart or head for too long fearing that they may backfire.

They don’t add up.

Sometimes it can be embarrassing for those who write and pour out their feelings to strangers and some friends, when all that they can do it to keep them and absorb all the emotions he has and accept it as part of the process of growing up.

There is no need for anyone to express one’s inner thoughts to the public. Most of them are not valid. They are just impulses one gets when faced with issues. All of these can be suppressed and not acted on.

So pouring such thoughts may be akin to one lying on the couch in the office of a psychiatrist.

An educated person, however, may keep his private thoughts to himself and if he has issues with them, he would find ways to overcome them when they start to appear as personal problems.

He would take up a hobby, or visit another country, or even play games.

The creative person, on the other hand, can find other avenues to vent out his frustrations, anger and stupidity, which is through whatever medium he can get hold of, some of which may be in the form of scribbling words or painting objects on walls, to turn into graffiti.

But for those who do not have these avenues, the social networks offer them such outlets.

Unfortunately, for many, they do not realize that writing and thus exposing one’s inner and private thoughts in such networks, may become viral and also dangerous as well as criminal.

Why would anyone want to share one’s inner and private thoughts, anyway?

They should be kept to one’s own self.

They are part of one’s own personal mental and intellectual as well as creative development, which is no more than the normal course of one’s life, a journey one would take to reach a new destination, feeling better and more matured from having gone through such phases in one’s life.

One must have gone through so many phases in one’s life until one becomes better off mentally and psychologically and also intellectually as well as culturally and socially and perhaps even economically, too.

There is no need for anyone to share one’s thoughts all the time, especially those that may be harmful to one’s personal being.

It is too bad that social networks have been wrongly used by such a small group of persons.

But this does not mean that they are not good.

They have created wonders, especially if they bring people of like-minds together and sometimes long-lost relatives and friends.

This is perhaps the only good reasons why such media networks to exist. They are not for anyone to pour scorn and vent one’s anger or share defamatory remarks on others.

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