Tuesday, December 1, 2009


By Mansor Puteh

The Jews could have still became the most lovable people in the world whose presence is welcome by all, to the extent that one of their own kind in Singapura could have been elected chief minister of the country, by those who are not Jews, like him, but Muslims and the others.

Yes, they were doing okay wherever they were then. And they could still become the most lovable people in the world if Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did not spoil their image.

There were many Jews who were not only in all the major cities in Europe, but in the other cities in the Muslim countries as well. They were able to live freely with the locals who were non-Jews and Muslims and build synagogues.

Everything was fine with them. And the locals were sympathetic with them for having been expelled from their land in Palestine for centuries, without any need for them to return to the land which had then become Palestine.

This was something that they could not control as it was preordained in their Torah. And they were not meant to be clustering amongst themselves but were meant to be spread thinly all over the world.

There was no pressure for the Jews to seek to return to Israel, as it was not stated in their Torah. It was only the demands made by the Elders of Zion and not their prophets.

There was no need for them to seek to return to the imagine country called Ezret Israel, since they knew they were not meant to do that, as they were meant to be spread around the world so they could be of service to the communities and countries they were in.

And the Jews were capable people who excelled in many areas, which helped to develop the economies of the countries and cities where they were living at.

Many of them inter-married with the locals with some with Muslim men and women, too.

So it won’t surprise anyone if there are now many Muslims who have Jewish ancestry. In fact, many of the Palestinians now have such ancestry, so much so the original population of the Jews in Palestine had become so small.

This explains why the total population of the Jews in the world is so small compared to the Palestinians, other Arabs and Muslims.

There are only 12 million Jews in the world with half of it in America itself, compared to the 1.5 billion Muslim who are in 57 Muslim countries and in small numbers in all the others.

In years to come the population of the Muslims in America will supersede that of the Jews.

How could this happen, when the Arabs or Palestinians that we know of today and the Jews then were almost equal in size?

Now the difference is so vast.

The truth is the Muslims are good at procreation while the Jews are not.

This could also be due to the fact that the ancient Jews had left Judaism and became Muslims, many of whom are now Palestinians.

And if this is so, then the Palestinians have more right to claim the land they call Palestine because they are larger in numbers than the modern day Jews from Eastern Europe and Russia who were mostly converts to the religion for economic reasons or other.

It’s too bad that the Jews did not realize how they were not meant to be clustered in one area called a country such as Israel, but were meant to be spread throughout the world, so the world and everybody can see how good they were and how they could be trusted and be accepted into their societies.

If they were smart enough they could have known this and not to blame the others, particularly the Palestinians and Muslims for their ‘misfortunes’.

I like to bring up again the issue concerning a Jew in Singapura called David Saul Marshall who could be elected the chief minister of the country despite him being in a community of Jews who were so few in numbers compared to the Malays and other non-Malays in the country then.

They trusted him to look after their well-being and country.

Can we ever find such a Jew like David Saul Marshall anywhere in the world where the Jews are in the minority ever again? No way.

The Americans can’t even trust a Jew to be their president. Yet, they were able to elect a former Muslim called Barack Hussein Obama as their president, despite knowing his religious background.

There is no denying that he was a Muslim at birth and in his early childhood, when his father was still alive.

Unfortunately, when his father died, followed by his mother, his maternal grandparents did not raise him as a Muslim as what his father would have wanted.

It is not easy for a Muslim from a staunch Muslim country such as Kenya to allow his off-springs not to be Muslims like him.

The Jews were meant to share their intelligence and brilliance with everybody throughout the world, so that the world can be a better place for everybody, with poverty to the lowest level possible.

So that was why their numbers were not big enough to form countries like the Muslims who now have 57countries in the Organization of Islamic Council (OIC), while the Jews only have Israel and no others.

If the Jews had been able to see why Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were there in the Second World War, and went on with their lives and picked from where they had left, today, the Jews would have become more lovable and most friendly people in the world, including in Malaysia and most of the Muslim and Arab countries.

It won’t shock anyone if Jews are given top posts in the political administration of these countries because they have the penchant to do wonders provided they are not influenced by Zionism.

And their synagogues would sprout in all the major cities in the world including in the Muslim World because they are a welcome sight to behold.

So, they failed the Hitler and Nazi test, so no wonder, they are now centered mostly in America and the Zionist state of Israel and some countries in Europe where they are assimilated with the locals so they do not their distinct Jewish features anymore.

They had become less religious and more political and were easily influenced by Zionism which had caused Judaism to take a backseat.

The future for the Jews and Judaism is bleak, with their population shrinking and those who claim to be Jews and who support Zionism won’t dare to say so loudly. They have been cowed. How low can they go before they start to think they are not Jews anymore, as more and more half-hearted Muslims, who were once afraid to claim to be Muslims, start to admit that they are Muslims louder and louder everyday?

The only ‘advantage’ that the Palestinians and Muslims have with their problems with the Zionists is how they had help the Muslims to be better Muslims and also how to infiltrate into the systems in the world, where the Muslims were once not present and many of them are into what the others are into now, when some of them were busy and happy living in caves.

As it is now, it is virtually impossible for them to export Zionism anywhere so that it can be accepted as the national ideology of any country, or to enlarge the population of the Jews by conversion since there are not many people in the world today who would want to do that, knowing how they are behaving these days.

In fact, there is not even one Zionist Club or Association that has been established at any of the universities in America or anywhere else.

So theirs is really a lost cause. But it will be very difficult for the Elders of Zion to readily admit it so no wonder the Middle East problem is still in limbo with no end in sight.

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